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  • The Board of Directors for the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce announced their support for the implementation of an Accommodation Levy, in the City of Yellowknife, to fund tourism and Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) initiatives.

    May 30, 2016:

    We voiced our support to the City of Yellowknife and asked for their assistance in lobbying the GNWT.
    View our letter to the City of Yellowknife here.

    July 31, 2017:

    We submitted a letter to Premier Bob McLeod, requesting that the GNWT amend the Cities, Towns and Villages Act to allow the City of Yellowknife to collect an Accommodation Levy between 1% and 3%.
    View our July 31, 2017 letter to the GNWT here.

    Other Resources:

    Press Release: City Requests Accommodation Levy to Fund Local Tourism Marketing
    City of Yellowknife - July 11, 2017
    Read it here.

    Looking for more information on a Yellowknife Accommodation Levy? Visit https://yktourism.ca/