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  • Update: June 13th, 2019

    Press Release: Canadian Chamber of Commerce reacts to Bill C-69: Today is a dark day for a nation of builders

    "The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is deeply disappointed with today’s announcement that the federal government will reject a number of the Senate’s improvements to Bill C-69. These amendments are essential to avoid driving investment away from major Canadian infrastructure projects."

    To read the Canadian Chamber of Commerce's Press Release, visit: http://www.chamber.ca/media/news-releases/Canadian_Chamber_reacts_to_Bill_C-69/

  • February 20th, 2019 is the Canadian Chamber of Commerce's National Day of Action to demonstrate the business community's support for improvements to our infrastructure and regulatory systems in order to get our natural resources to international markets.

    "The Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce, representing 393 local businesses, is joining other Chambers from across the country to sound the alarm that Canada is at an economic and social tipping point because of our failure to get energy resource infrastructure built."

    We're asking Canada's federal and provincial leaders to:

    1. Make amendments to Bill C-69 to bring greater clarity, predictability and transparency to the bill, as outlined in the Canadian Chamber of Commerce's Senate submission;

    2. Get our energy resources to tidewater, starting by recognizing that the Trans-Mountain Expansion is in the national interest and by expediting its construction in uncontested jurisdictions;

    3. Implement the regulatory changes promised in the Fall Economic Update;

    4. Declare a broad mutual recognition of each province / territory's standards, across all sectors.

    Advocacy Materials:

    Download our letter to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, providing support for their Senate Committee testimony here.

    Download our letter to MP McLeod here.

    Additional Resources:

    Want to learn more about Bill C-69: An Act to enact the Impact Assessment Act and the Canadian Energy Regulator Act, to amend the Navigation Protection Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts? Check it out here.

    View the Fall Economic Update here.

    View the Canadian Chamber of Commerce's submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources here.

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