• Lunch & Learn with Field Law

    July 11, 2019

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  • Do you work in an industry with technology or inventions that you are trying to protect? Or are you looking to commercialize your existing technology and capitalize on it?
    Join Field Law for this Lunch & Learn where we will be joined by Neil Kathol, a lawyer and trademark agent. Lunch is on Field Law!
    When: July 11, 2019
    Time: 12:00-1:30
    Where: YK Chamber Boardroom
    (4th Floor, NWT Commerce Place, 4921 49th Street)
    Neil will provide a general overview of the different intellectual property tools available to you including patents, trademarks, designs and technology licensing. This session will include:
    • The nature of patents, how they work and what costs and responsibilities are involved in obtaining and maintaining them;
    • What innovative (or informational) material can be protected as a trade secret including un-patented inventions, and how company policies and other measures can protect them; and
    • Information on trademarks of all kinds, covering anything you use to “brand” your business.
    To register for this free event, RSVP to the
    Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce at
    Admin@YKChamber.com or 867-920-4944
    This session is perfect for anyone who: designs and innovates for themselves, their company or for others; professional advisors of all kinds to companies that develop or use new technology; owners of brands for goods or services of any kind, whether consumer products for sale, industrial equipment or systems, tourism industry services, industrial services; or any other brand-owners.