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  • After exploring local procurement policy options and best practices in other jurisdictions, the Board of Directors for the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce made the following recommendations to the City of Yellowknife:

    • That the City of Yellowknife set their target for local spending at 85%. We believe this could be achieved with minor revisions to internal spending policies, given that 83% of the City’s spending in 2016 was spent locally;
    • That the City of Yellowknife create a procurement policy that defines the conditions needed for an application to be submitted to the GNWT, Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment, which would allow the City of Yellowknife to leverage the regional economic development clause of the Canada Free Trade Agreement. This clause could only be applied to contracts that don’t receive federal funding;
    • That the City of Yellowknife consider opportunities to ‘break-down’ large contracts into smaller contracts that are more manageable for local businesses to bid on;
    • That the City of Yellowknife work with the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce to create a joint communication strategy to inform residents and businesses about the importance of shopping local, how much the City spends locally and changes to the City’s procurement policies, and;
    • That the City of Yellowknife work with the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce to explore ways to increase the business community’s awareness of procurement opportunities.

    Download our letter to the City of Yellowknife here.

    Response From The City of Yellowknife:

    Council Motion #0317-16: That Administration be directed to review the legality, cost implications and advisability of a Local Procurement Policy, as per the request of the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce.

    Council Motion #0089-17: That Council direct Administration to work in collaboration with various partners to implement a policy that legally and cost effectively benefits and supports the local business community, maximizing the City's spending and involvement with Yellowknife businesses.

    On January 22nd, 2018, at the Municipal Services Committee, committee "noted that Administration has worked with partners to build a policy that is legally responsible, and which provides meaningful support to local businesses. This policy recognizes the significant benefit to the community when the City is able to maximize local expenditures".

    The Committee recommended that the Local Procurement Policy be presented for adoption.

    To see the minutes from the January 22, 2018 MSC meeting, click here.