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  • The Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce has formally requested that Members of the 18th Legislative Assembly:

    • Establish an Office of the Ombudsman for the Northwest Territories, to be appointed by the legislature and completely independent of the executive as per the recommendations outlined in the Establishing an Office of the Ombudsman for the Northwest Territories report, tabled document 103-17(5), tabled on June 4, 2014. An Office of the Ombudsman exists in nine provinces and the Yukon.
    • Investigate the best way to implement a lobbyist registry that is publicly accessible via the internet, as per Motion 35-17(5) on February 19th, 2015. The Response to Motion, tabled document 269-17(5), tabled on June 3, 2015 explains the current model of reporting which only requires Ministers to report on meetings with lobbyists. This is not sufficient. A typical lobbyist registry applies to Ministers, regular MLAs and senior bureaucrats and includes meetings, phone calls and emails, as per typical lobbyist registries in Canada. Comprehensive lobbyist registries exist in nine provinces.
    • Create a policy where minutes are kept for public consultations and working groups and published online.
    • Establish a standalone Whistleblower Protection Act.
    • Release detailed reports on awarded government contracts, including sole sourcing, that include the vendor selection process, the value of the contract and the name of the vendor who was awarded the contract. We are also interested in reports that measure the effectiveness of BIP

    Download our letter to Minister Sebert here.