• Press Release: YK Chamber Supports Premier McLeod's 'Red Alert'


    Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce Supports Premier McLeod’s ‘Red Alert’

    YELLOWKNIFE (November 3, 2017) – The Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce is proud to support the bold messaging in Premier McLeod’s November 1, 2017 press release, ‘Premier McLeod Issues Red Alert and Calls for Urgent National Debate on the Future of the Northwest Territories’.

    We applaud the federal government for their nation building efforts, and were pleased with the announcement of the $2 billion National Trade Corridors fund of which $400 million was dedicated to projects across the territories. But federal restrictions placed on our natural resource sector combined with efforts to lock up land in parks and little government infrastructure support for industry, have suppressed growth in Yellowknife and the Northwest Territories. 

    Yellowknife businesses want the benefits of a thriving, sustainable, natural resource industry. According to a presentation given by the NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines at our Small Business Week Conference, over the past 21 years those benefits include: training for over 1,300 Aboriginal and northern residents, 26,000 person-years of northern jobs, $13 billion in northern business, and contributions of over $100 million to Aboriginal and northern communities through benefit agreements, scholarships and community donations.

    “The natural resource sector makes up 40 per cent of our economy and has provided opportunities for multiple spin-off industries. Decisions about this important industry should not be made unilaterally without input from Northerners”, said Renée Comeau, President of the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce. “We couldn’t agree more with Premier McLeod’s statement that decisions about the North should be made in the North.”

    For media inquiries, please contact:

    Deneen Everett
    Executive Director, Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce

    Download our Press Release as a .pdf here.

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