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City of Yellowknife Community Plan:

July 2020 Update: On July 27th, Council approved the City of Yellowknife's Community Plan.

View the City of Yellowknife's Community Plan here.

View Dillon Consulting's Background Report here.

According to the City of Yellowknife's website, a Community Plan is the road map for how land will be used and planned for over the next 20 years. The current review is mandated by territorial legislation which requires the City of Yellowknife to review its Community Plan every 8 years.

For more information on the City of Yellowknife's Community Plan, please visit:


Participation From the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce:

March 2019: President, Kyle Thomas and Executive Director, Deneen Everett, participated on focus group discussions.

May 2019: We made a formal submission to the City of Yellowknife, encouraging the City of Yellowknife to focus on four key matters: the lack of commercial space available, making better use of the spaces currently available, ensuring space is available for our community's diverse needs and preparing for potential development at the Yellowknife Airport.

Read our formal submission here.

October 2019: The City of Yellowknife released their draft community plan. We provided a formal submission with recommendations regarding brownfield redevelopment, residential infill, clarification regarding agricultural land uses and residential development in areas with trucked water and sewer.

Read our formal submission here.


In the News

Yellowknifer. (September 23, 2020). CIty council moves to rewrite zoning bylaw. Retrieved from:

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